“No Bull” Farm Health and Safety Systems

Protect your farm, your staff and your family

Protect your family, your staff, and your livelihood

Ensuring you have a proper farm health and safety system in place will help you spot any hazards or risks that could end becoming costly for your business. The ”No Bull” farm health and safety system manual is specifically set up for farmers who want to protect their family and staff and make sure their workplace is 200% compliant.


Initial inspection and analysis

  • Gap Analysis inspection and interview
  • Workplace Hazards inspection (budget 1 hr)
  • Farm wide Hazards & Risks register

Personalised company policy manual

  • Company Health and Safety Policy
  • Manual personalised to your farm
  • Health and Safety Documents Pack

Access to the HasTrak Portal

  • HasTrak generic Safe Work Procedures
  • Electronic and editable copy of Manual and Forms

Make sure your farm is compliant with New Zealand’s Health & Safety rules and regulations

farm health and safety manuals nz


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Frequently Asked Questions

What's a Farm Health & Safety "System"?

Your farm’s health and safety “system” is the complete setup for compliance with current health and safety regulations. It includes your health and safety policy, as well as a set of health and safety forms to be used for hazard identification and registration, health and safety inspections, meetings, and inductions, incident reporting and more. You’ll find more about this in our Guide to Health & Safety in New Zealand – download it here!

What type of farms is this for?

We create customised systems for all types of farms, whether you’re in the meat business or the agricultural industry. 

How can I access my farm's health & safety system?

All your policies, documents, forms and more are easily accessible in our cloud-based portal. You’ll find electronic and editable copies of all your documents, and we’ll keep your account updated at all times. 

farm health and safety manuals nz