Workplace Health & Safety Systems and Management

Simplify your health and safety compliance with online transparency and access

Not keeping your health and safety systems updated leaves your business vulnerable.

With ever-changing requirements and legalities in health and safety, it’s hard to know exactly what you’re up against at all times. Having access to all forms and policies whenever you need them, knowing your workplace is a safe place for your staff – and knowing your business is protected in case of incidents; we’re here to take all the extra research, worry and hassle off your hands. 

The Hastrak online Health & Safety system includes

Initial inspection and analysis

When we first start working together, we’ll perform a Gap Analysis inspection and interview, as well as a workplace hazards inspection. Our experienced consultants can identify risks you didn’t even know were there!

Personalised company policy manual

Based on the initial analysis, we’ll set up your online account with your system manual and linked documents. Some clients are tactile and like to include a hard copy. We can provide you with a hard copy Documents Pack, including your manual, and forms.

Access to the HasTrak Portal

Continuous access to the online portal is free for the first year. The portal is where you’ll find  your management data, downloadable documents, and your stored records. An easy to read dashboard will warn you of any upcoming or overdue events. We overview your data and update you every 3 months with summary reporting by email.

health and safety systems
Get in touch with us today, and one of our consultants will get back to you as soon as possible.

We’ll make an appointment to discuss your needs in detail – and get your business’ health and safety systems in order.

We make health and safety simple again: our experienced consultants translate your policies and procedures to plain English, so you’re not only compliant, but you also understand exactly what everything’s for. 

HasTrak ONline System Levels

health and safety systems

”Plain English” Health and Safety System
For 1-2 staff

Monthly cost $47+GST/Month (First year free)

health and safety systems

”Basic Compliance” Health and Safety System
For 3-9 staff

Monthly cost $85+GST/Month (First year free)

health and safety systems

”Business Model” Health and Safety System
For 10+ staff

Monthly cost $120+GST/Month (First year free)

Frequently Asked Questions

What's a health and safety "system"?

Your company’s health and safety “system” is the complete setup for compliance with current health and safety regulations. It includes your health and safety policy, as well as a set of health and safety forms to be used for hazard identification and registration, health and safety inspections, meetings, and inductions, incident reporting and more. You’ll find more about this in our Guide to Health & Safety in New Zealand – download it here!

What type of business is this for?

Our clients include businesses from very different industries and various sizes. From small stores and service-based small business over farms to factories, we create customised health and safety systems to fit your company. 

How can I access my business' health and safety system?

All your policies, documents, forms and more are easily accessible in our cloud-based portal. You’ll find electronic and editable copies of all your documents, and we’ll keep your account updated at all times. 

Does this also include audits and staff training?

All health and safety systems include a Gap Analysis inspection and interview, as well as a workplace hazards inspection. We can also include in-depth audits and health and safety training for your staff. Get in touch to discuss your options!

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