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Consultants with a Passion for Health & Safety

At HasTrak we are always interested in hearing from competent people with a passion for health and safety. All of our staff work on an ad-hoc contract basis giving them work-life flexibility and generous rewards for their efforts.

We value experience and initiative as highly as qualifications so do not be afraid to have a chat.


HasTrak operates in every region of New Zealand providing systems, support, training and auditing. Our staff are highly mobile, self-driven and respected in their fields. HasTrak provides peer support to the team and intentionally leverages the collective experience to ensure the best products and services for our clients. Internships and mentoring are in the mix for aspiring team members.
Self employed health and safety consultants can also plug into our health and safety systems and online applications, providing a win-win for themselves and their clients; instant access to a live system complete with manual, forms and real time management while retaining their independence, ongoing consulting and relationship with the client. Click here to explore the details.


With more than 20 years of experience, HasTrak understands the ever-changing requirements and legalities that apply to workplace health, safety and environmental.

If you are a passionate health and safety consultant, please get in touch to discuss opportunities to work together.