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Industry Health & Safety Suppliers

Health & Safety is our business.

The following list of industry suppliers is recommended for your workplace health and safety management needs. The list is not validated and is important that you do your own research to see if these suppliers are suitable for your purposes.

Safety Signs

We’ve been in the game for over 20 years and have an extensive range.

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Safety Signs is all we do – no car wraps or general promotional signs.

You can see the bulk of the standard items on our website or we can send hard copy catalogues if you are interested.

In addition around 30% of our turnover is bespoke signs, tailored to individual site requirements.

Contact us:
Segno Safety (NZ) Ltd.
PO Box 5016, Frankton, Hamilton 3242
8 King Street, Hamilton 3242
Ph: 0800 473 466 or 07 846 6146 Fax: 07 846 6140
or on our website at

Training 4 Safety

Your compliance, safety, fire, emergency, workplace training supplier

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Training 4 Safety has a vision to deliver and share safety training so we can educate and empower everyone to always be safe at home, work, and play.
Training 4 Safety has developed a range of informative and comprehensive courses that can be presented face-to-face or via our innovative online training system. Please browse our wide range of courses or contact us to see how we can provide you with the training you require.
We can even develop online courses specifically for your company, which can include your own branding.

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With more than 20 years of experience, HasTrak understands the ever-changing requirements and legalities that apply to workplace health, safety and environmental.

If you are a passionate health and safety consultant, please get in touch to discuss opportunities to work together.